Tony Hinojosa, Jr.


OCCA Executive Board & Committee Chairs

Isabel Ramirez


Tejano Life & Culture

David Villalobos

Vice President

Sylvana Avila Alonzo

Oak Cliff Coalition for the Arts, Inc.

OCCA Founding Member

I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time - that was Oak Cliff 1985 to present.  I wasn't alone. There were others with the same passion for the arts. It was somewhat of a renaissance that spoke of the need for a cultural center for a growing population and flourishing arts community.  When given the chance to work towards establishing a cultural center, we jumped on board, promoting Oak Cliff as the ideal place to build it.  Eventually, the Latino Cultural Center was built downtown, the Ice House became a City sponsored arts center, soon followed by the Oak Cliff Cultural Center.  OCCA has been active for over twenty years bringing art and cultural programs to the community.  I'm grateful and honored to still be at the forefront of many, many lasting traditions and many more to come.

Marta Salazar-Paniagua


Elizabeth Villalta